Charleston, South Carolina is a vibrant destination known for its rich history and charm. As an event company based in this beautiful city, we create unforgettable experiences and memories for our clients. Whether it

Who We Are

Picnics With Puppies is an event company in Charleston, South Carolina, specializing in luxurious picnics. Our mission is to create quality experiences and memories for you, your friends, and your beloved dogs.

Amy, Emily, and I have been fortunate to travel the world experiencing 54 different countries together. Each occasion has allowed us to meet the most interesting people and see the most amazing things. One constant throughout our journey’s has been the love of food, picturesque scenery, and great people.

Picnics With Puppies is here to help you celebrate those special moments, create those lasting memories, and to spend quality time with the ones you love! Picnics With Puppies will take care of all the details so you can enjoy the moments you deserve. If you want some quality one-on-one time, sharing laughs with friends, or celebrating your Pups’ big day, let us make your luxury picnic a time to remember!

Our Team


(Chief Puppy)

A small dog wearing a shirt with a heart on it, creating memorable experiences for an event company.


(Chief Marketing Puppy)

An adorable yorkshire terrier, dressed in a sleek black dress, accompanying an event company for cherished memories.