A woman is sitting on the grass with a small dog, forming a stronger connection through Doga sessions.

Find Your Inner Peace With Doga

Enhance your spiritual connection with your pup during a Doga session at Picnics With Puppies. Using a Doga session to build a stronger bond with your pup will help create calmness, inner peace and harmony between the two of you. 

Try A Doga Class Today With a Certified Yoga Teacher!

This is the perfect event for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Discover your Zen through a Doga session at Picnics With Puppies. Check out our Shop section and book a virtual or in person session today and see the difference it can make to your relationship with your pets.

A woman strengthening her connection with her dog through doga sessions on the beach with dog paws.


Enjoy The Healthy Benefits Of Doga

Be healthier, happier and become one with your fur baby!

A yorkshire terrier dog wearing a necklace and participating in doga sessions, creating a stronger connection with its owner.